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Solutions for you to integrate sustainable investing into your offering.

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Develop expertise and confidence in talking to clients and prospects about sustainability.


Construct your ESG Model Portfolios and compelling communications to support them.


Integrate sustainability into your business development strategy with community marketing.

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Build It Bootcamp

Join the Vert Asset Management team for this interactive online event to help you navigate the intersection of sustainability and investments.

In this three-day course, you'll learn how to integrate ESG (environment, social, and governance) into your offering.

At the end of this course, you will have a complete sustainable investment solution.


LENGTH 1.5 hours on each of 3 days
DATES November 16-18, 2021
TIME 10-11:30am Pacific
COST $500
  *Limited to 8 participants.
  • An interactive learning experience designed for financial advisors  

  • Taught by Sam Adams and Sarah Adams of Vert Asset Management

  • Includes all the tools, templates, and talking points for a complete solution

Each day is approved for 1.5 hours of CFP® and CSRIC®  CE credits.



Investment Teams

Who need an ESG offering that complements their existing portfolios.

Client-Facing Advisors

Who want get better at speaking to clients about sustainability.

Business Developers 

Who want to attract new business with sustainability.

"This workshop has been immensely helpful to solidify our position and thoughts around ESG.”

– Jake Weber, Willow Creek Wealth Management


Join our three-day interactive course, where you will:

Build Your
Sustainable Portfolios

Learn the tools you need to find, research, and select investments to build or improve your Sustainable Portfolios.

  • Define your Offering among ESG, SRI, Impact and Philanthropy: Choose what to offer to who and in what circumstances.
  • A Framework for Evaluating ESG Funds and Managers: Use this tool to choose the best investment solutions for your business.
  • How to use ESG Research Tools: Learn how to narrow your short list of fund and ETF candidates down.

Build Your Communications Toolkit

Be able to describe your sustainable investing offering in a clear, compelling, and confident manner to clients and prospects.

  • How to Start a Conversation about Sustainable Investing: Explain why you offer sustainable investing and why now.
  • Your Definition of Sustainable Investing: Explain to clients and colleagues what the different types of sustainable investing are all about.
  • Your Sustainable Investment Philosophy: Answer client questions with messages that reinforce your investment philosophy.

Build Your

Know how to set up your firm to grow with Sustainable Investing.

  • Walk the Talk:  Use this framework to define your business in sustainable terms so you can demonstrate your commitment.
  • Understand the Sustainable Investor:  Learn what motivates the sustainably minded person and how to connect with them.
  • Community Marketing:  Attract prospects and referrals to your firm with your sustainable investment offering.



Position Paper

Adopt or adapt our White Label paper on Sustainable Investing to use as your own.

Client Presentation

White Label Slides to build your own story.

ESG Research File

The top ten research papers on ESG investing.

ESG Reporting

Use our template to illustrate the sustainability of your portfolios to clients.

Example ESG Model Portfolios

Review 6 sets of Model ESG portfolios for ideas and inspiration.

Roll Out Strategy

Use this framework to successfully launch your solution.

Your Course 

Our instructors have decades of experience working at the intersection of finance and sustainability.

Sam Adams

With over 25 years of experience helping financial advisors grow their business, Sam knows what works and what doesn’t. 

He has helped hundreds of advisors in the US, UK, Europe and Australia develop their sustainable investment offering.

Sam is a passionate alpinist, and believes capitalism can preserve his beloved mountains when enough investors embrace sustainability.

Sarah Adams

Sarah has been helping financial advisors integrate sustainability into their business since 2010.

She has expertise in impact investing, ESG standards and frameworks, shareholder advocacy, and sustainability certifications.

Sarah believes in human rights approaches to environmental protection and one way to do this is by building better businesses.


Build your complete sustainable investment solution.

  • Robust ESG portfolios
  • Clear communications
  • Compelling marketing


If you are thinking about registering 3 or more on our course, please email us at [email protected]. You may want to consider one of our custom consulting packages.

US Build It Bootcamp

LENGTH 1.5 hours each on 3 consecutive days
DATES November 16-18, 2021
TIME 10-11:30am Pacific

$ 500

Learn sustainability frameworks and key concepts to build a better business.

Each day is approved for 1.5 hours of CFP® CE credits.

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