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Your Essential Guide to Sustainable Investing  

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Your Essential Guide to Sustainable Investing 

Sustainable investing is booming. The investment industry is fast approaching a point where one-third of global assets under management are invested with a sustainable objective.

But do sustainable investment products do what investors expect them to do?

How can an investor tell if their investments are having the social impact they want?

How can investors weave their way through the web of confusing acronyms, conflicting agency ratings, and the mass of fund offerings, confident that they can recognize and avoid corporate greenwashing?

Larry Swedroe and Sam Adams cut through the fog and bring clarity on all of this and more—providing investors with a firm plan for truly sustainable investing.

The definitive go-to resource that investors have been waiting for.

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Harriman House

"An insightful guide for investors interested in the hottest investment today . . . an essential book to own and read.”

– Harold Evensky, Founder, Evensky and Katz

The Author

Sam Adams has decades of experience working at the intersection of finance and sustainability.

Sam Adams

With over 25 years of experience helping financial advisors grow their business, Sam knows what works and what doesn’t. 

He has helped hundreds of advisors in the US, UK, Europe and Australia develop their sustainable investment offering.

Sam is co-author, with Larry Swedroe, of Your Essential Guide to Sustainable Investing. Sam is an instructor of the Chartered SRI Counselor (CSRIC) Professional Designation Program.

Sam is a passionate alpinist, and believes capitalism can preserve his beloved mountains when enough investors embrace sustainability.

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